Sustainable Fire Engineering 2016 Dublin

Effective Fire Safety for All in Sustainable Buildings !

  • ‘Fire Safety for All’ Event
  • Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland
    29-30 September 2016

  • 2015 Dublin Declaration
  • FireOx International's Logo ... showing the name in black text, with a black bird of prey about to attack the red flames of a fire at the centre.

    Colour photograph of CJ Walsh, Chair of SFE2016 Event Management Team.

    Ar. C.J. Walsh
    Chief Fire Engineer & Technical Officer, FireOx International.

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  • Friends & Colleagues,

    The 21st Century has had a cruel and savage birth: extreme man-made events, hybrid disasters, severe natural events, complex humanitarian emergencies, with accelerating climate change and variability.  The old certainties are crumbling before our eyes …

    The resolute Answer to these threats and the changing environmental and socio-economic needs of our increasingly complex world is Sustainable Fire Engineering !   In other words, macro fire engineering beyond current conventional fire codes and regulations … with their limited and flawed fire safety objectives.

    1. SFE fulfils a critical role in the realization of a Safe, Resilient & Sustainable Built Environment for All ;
    2. SFE facilitates positive progress towards the United Nation’s 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Agenda ;
    3. SFE fast-tracks proper compliance with the Basic Requirements for Construction Works in the European Union’s Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (Annex I), specifically the interlinked Requirements 7, 2, 1, 3 & 4.

    Responding quickly to the growing curiosity about, and interest in, this subject … we have decided to alter the format for this year’s event, now, before people have finalized their travel arrangements, etc.

    1. Day 1  ISO 21542 Revision – Full Day ‘Fire Safety for All’ Meeting.
    2. Day 2  New CIB W14 Reflection Document – Full Day Discussion on the Future Development of Sustainable Fire Engineering + Launch of the 2016 Dublin Code of Ethics for the Design, Construction and Operation of a Safe, Resilient & Sustainable Built Environment for All.

    We hope you will support this much more integrated and targeted event.

    C.J. Walsh.
    On Behalf of the SFE 2016 DUBLIN Management Team.

  • What is Sustainability ?
    CJW Presentation to the Meeting of Host Organizations in Dublin – 1 December 2015


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    Latest News:

    Fire Safety will soon be properly integrated into the EU Framework on Building Energy Performance.  At long last !  Follow our discussion about this serious flaw in current building standards …
    Twitter: @sfe2016dublin

    Check out Fire Safety Europe’s recent Webinar Presentation: Three Reasons why Fire Resilience contributes to Sustainable Buildings … an important part of our wider SFE Agenda !

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SFE 2016 DUBLIN Objectives

2015 Address Hotel Fire in Dubayy (Dubai), United Arab Emirates

1. To commence discussion and foster mutual understanding between the International Sustainable Development / Climate Change Adaptation / Urban Resilience Communities and the International Fire Science & Engineering Community.

2. To bring together today’s disparate Sectors within the International Fire Science and Engineering Community … to encourage better communication between each and trans-disciplinary collaboration between all.

3. To transform Conventional Fire Engineering into an ethical and fully professional Sustainable Design Discipline which is fit for purpose in the 21st Century … meaning … that fire engineers can participate actively in a sustainable design process, and can respond creatively with sustainable fire engineering design solutions which result in Effective Fire Safety for All in Sustainable/Green/Innovative/Smart Buildings.

4. To initiate a widely multi-disciplinary discussion on a New CIB W14 Research Working Group VI Reflection Document: ‘Sustainable Fire Engineering Design & Construction’ … which will establish a conceptual framework for the future of Sustainable Fire Engineering.

2015 Hospital Fire in Jazan, Saudi Arabia