Dr. Wim Bakens

Dr Ir Wim Bakens

Advanced Education

1969 – 1975

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Department of Architectural Engineering, Master’s Degree 1988

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, Doctor of Science
Thesis: “Building 2005: Futures Perspective for Company Managers, Policy Makers and Researchers in the Building Industry”


Professional Career to Date

1976 – 1983 Ministry for Housing, Physical Planning and Environment

1976 – 1979 Staff of the Department for Building Design

1979 – 1980 Head of the Staff Office – Research Division

1980 – 1981 Deputy Head of the Department for Building Design

1981 – 1983 Head of the Department for Building Preparation, Design and Construction

Along with general responsibility for project, staff and line management, these functions concern the programming, execution and management of re­search and development projects in the areas of housing policy and design and building technology.

1983 – 1994 Bakkenist, Spits & Co > Bakkenist Management Consultants

1983 – 1987 Senior Consultant, responsible for obtaining and execu­ting assignments in the Construction Industry

1987 – 1994 Head of the Consultancy Group for the Construction Industry

1988 – 1994 Partner

The Consultancy Group for the Construction Industry was a multi discipli­nary group of consultants and senior consultants. The group was responsible for obtaining and executing policy research and management consultancy assignments on behalf of companies and institutes in the Construction Industry.

1994 – present CIB – The International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation

1994 – present Secretary General

CIB is an international association whose objectives are to stimulate and facilitate international cooperation and information exchange between persons and organisations active in the field of Building and Construction Research and Innovation worldwide. See http://www.cibworld.nl for information on the CIB activities that include 60 expert commissions and various externally funded programmes.
The CIB office is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1994 – present Bureau Bakens – Building and Construction Research and Consultancy

1994 – present Owner and part time director/consultant

2010 – present Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster, London, UK


Other Professional Positions

1978 – 1983 Editor of the Dutch Guide Book for Property Management

1979 – 1983 Editor of the Dutch Architectural Year Book

1989 – 1999 Consultant of the Dutch Foundation for Product Development in the Mortar Industry

1991 – 1994 Coordinator of CIB Working Commission W82 – Futures Studies in Con­struction

1992 – 2000 Programme Consultant for the Department “Constructed Environment” of the Dutch Foundation for Energy Saving and
Environment Protection (NOVEM)

1993 – present Member Editorial Board of the International Journals “Construction Management and Economics” and “Building Research
and Information”


Publications and Lectures

Dr. Bakens regularly authors books and reports and scientific articles in the national and interna­tional building and construction press and journals.

He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and symposia on topics in the area of building strategy, management and organisation
or related to the following themes: Sustainable Building and Construction, Performance-based Building and Revaluing Construction.