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Sustainable Design International Ltd. – Ireland, Italy & Turkey

FireOx International is SDI’s Fire Engineering Division

Other Relevant Organizations

Glasgow Caledonian University, School of Engineering & Built Environment … Glasgow, Scotland

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Firefighter Safety Research Institute … Maryland, U.S.A.

MIT SENSEable City Lab … Massachusetts, U.S.A.

iiSBE – International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment … Ottawa, Canada

CIB – International Council for Research & Innovation in Building & Construction … Delft, The Netherlands

UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme … Nairobi, Kenya

UNEP-SBCI – UNEP’s Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative … Paris, France

FIDIC – International Federation of Consulting Engineers … Geneva, Switzerland

Fire Safe Europe … Brussels, Belgium

Safe, Sustainable, Energy Efficient Buildings … Rockwool International’s Blog

Aalto University Fire Engineering Research & Education Blog … Finland.  Posts by Prof. Simo Hostikka.

Colour Photograph of an Innovative Building

Reference Links & Documents

Important Note: The concept of ‘Sustainable Human & Social Development’ has many Aspects which require balanced,
synchronous consideration … environmental, social, economic, institutional, etc.  The ‘Green’ Agenda
is concerned only with Sustainability’s Environmental Aspect … which, in the
medium to long-term, is a fundamentally flawed approach.

2005 USA Census: Disability Statistics … PDF File, 638Kb

2010 USA Census: Disability Statistics … PDF File, 630Kb

Sustainable Construction – A Guide on Fire Protection & Performance-Based Fire Engineering (2008) … PDF File, 2.58MB … published by the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore

U.S. National Association of State Fire Marshals’ Archives – Green Building & Fire Safety Project

Bridging the Gap: Fire Safety & Green Buildings (2010) by Jim Tidwell & Jack J Murphy … PDF File, 2.45MB … published by U.S. National Association of State Fire Marshals

European Union Regulation No.305/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 9 March 2011, Laying Down Harmonized Conditions for the Marketing of Construction Products and Repealing Council Directive 89/106/EEC … PDF File, 998Kb

Fire Safety Challenges of Green Buildings (2012) by Brian Meacham, Brandon Poole, Juan Echeverria & Raymond Cheng of Worcester Polytechnic Institute … PDF File, 2.0MB … published by the U.S. NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation

Ghent University (B) Masters Thesis: A Study on Initial Fire Behaviour in Low-Energy Houses (2012) by Brecht Debrouwere … PDF File, 6.50MB

ICDS 12 ‘Durable Structures’ Conference Paper: Sustainability of Construction Materials – An Overview (2012) by A. Gonçalves & I.M. Martins, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, Lisbon, Portugal … PDF File, 378Kb

Fire Fighter Safety & Emergency Response for Solar Power Systems (2010, revised 2013) by Casey C. Grant … PDF File, 3.95MB … published by the U.S. NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation

Das Erste.de Website News Article (& Accompanying Video): Risiko PassivHaus – Droht Todesgefahr Bei Brand ? … viewed online 2014-06-06 … PDF File, 1.90MB

Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings (2013) by Robert Gerard, David Barber, and Armin Wolski … PDF File, 2.91MB … published by the U.S. NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation

Structural & Non-Structural Building System Performance During Earthquake & Post-Earthquake Fire – Full Fire Test Programme Report (2013) by Brian Meacham, Jin-Kyung Kim & Haejun Park … PDF File, 21.75MB … published by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, USA.

Fire Safety Design & Sustainable Buildings: Challenges & Opportunities – U.S. National NFPA/FPRF Symposiun Report (2013) by Michael Gollner, University of Maryland, Amanda Kimball, Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) and Tracy Vecchiarelli, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) … PDF File, 294Kb

The Use of Elevators for Evacuation in Fire Emergencies in International Buildings (2014) by Max T. Kinateder, Hidemi Omori, and Erica D. Kuligowski … PDF File, 1.07MB … published by the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology/NIST Technical Note 1825

Greening The Building Supply Chain (2014) by Roy Antink of SKANSKA, Curt Garrigan of UNEP, Marco Bonetti (Consultant) of UNEP & Richard Westaway of IMS Consulting … PDF File, 20.97MB … published by the United Nations Environment Programme

Fire Safe Europe’s White Paper : Europe is Playing with Fire – A Call to Action on Fire Safety in Buildings (2014) … PDF File, 3.17MB

Roadmap on the Future Research Needs of Tall Buildings (2014) … edited by Philip Oldfield, Dario Trabucco & Antony Wood … PDF File, 3.91MB … published by the Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat (CTBUH), Chicage, USA.

International R&D Roadmap for Fire Resistance of Structures – Summary of NIST/CIB Workshop (2015) by Jiann C. Yang, Matthew Bundy, John Gross, Anthony Hamins, Fahim Sadek, and Anand Raghunathan … PDF File, 1.72MB … published by the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology/NIST Special Publication 1188

United Nations Global Sustainable Development Report (2015) … PDF File, 11.0MB

Collaboration for Change – The Edge Commission Report on the Future of Professionalism (2015) … PDF File, 716kb … published by The Edge (GB – www.edgedebate.com)

The Environmental Impact of Fire (2015) by Drew Martin, Mai Tomida, and Brian Meacham … PDF File, 1.90MB … published by the U.S. NFPA’s Fire Protection Research Foundation

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & Performance Targets (2015) … PDF File, 533kb

Eindhoven University (NL) Thesis: Fire Safety & Suppression in Modern Residential Buildings (2015) by Vincent van den Brink … PDF File, 3.64MB

Going for Green – European Sustainable Building Certification Statistics (2015) … PDF File, 2.67MB … published by RICS Deutschland, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Fire Service Features of Buildings & Fire Protection Systems (2015) … PDF File, 7.50MB … published by the U.S. Occupational Health & Safety Administration/OSHA 3256-09R 2015

2015 Aalto University (Fi) Experimental Study: Pressure Development in Apartment Fires … link to Presentation on YouTube.

Aalto University (Fi) Master’s Thesis: Fire Induced Flow in Building Ventilation Systems (2016) by Rahul Kallada Janardhan … PDF File, 7.54MB

Perspectives of Occupants with Mobility Impairments on Fire Evacuation and Elevators (2016) by Kathryn M. Butler, Susanne M. Furman, Erica D. Kuligowski, and Richard D. Peacock … PDF File, 5.27MB … published by the U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology/NIST Technical Note 1923

Call To Action: The EU Needs A Fire Safety Strategy (2016) … PDF File, 3.16MB … published by the Fire Safe Europe Alliance, Brussels, Belgium.

Green Energy Choices: The Benefits, Risks & Trade-Offs of Low-Carbon Technologies for Electricity Production (2016) … PDF File, 41.35MB … published by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Nairobi, Kenya.

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